Environment, Health & Safety Policy

ISO 14001 - Bolzano certification

ISO 14001 - Vicenza certification

BS OHSAS 18001 - Bolzano certification

BS OHSAS 18001 - Vicenza certification

Valbruna has always been committed to respecting environmental guidelines and the health and safety rights of employees.

The environment is a common resource that must be respected and preserved as much as possible. Valbruna operates under high environmental compatibility by recovering and recycling metals contained in end-of-life scrap products. Inside the steel plant, in fact, metals are recovered and re-used for the production of new products; it is a virtuous cycle aimed at reducing to a minimum the use and consumption of new raw materials of natural origin.

Among these is water, a common and precious good, which is continuously recycled in a closed-cycle cooling process. Advanced systems are also used for the collection and treatment of gaseous emissions from the production process.

The corporate security management system, in accordance with Seveso Law provides for the implementation of annual improvement projects that include workers’ training, preventive maintenance programs and non-destructive tests carried out in different plant sections with goals aimed at reducing accidents and injuries at work, while providing plant investments for the best technologies.

Valbruna believes in the sustainability of the Company’s activities through the involvement of its internal organization, of local stakeholders and through vigilance and understanding of the most demanding markets. Making steel in Europe today implies, inevitably, clean and safe steelmaking, always in compliance with environmental laws and with the health and safety of workers.