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APML/EL- Austenitici per saldatura

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Valbruna Grade


Steel type


Description of material

APML/EL is an austenitic stainless steel with an exact chemical balance designed to be used as filler wire, bare stainless steel welding electrodes and rods for welding of austenitic grades such as type 316. The composition of APML/EL supplies a right balance of Ferrite (FN) to ensure a solidification as primary ferrite, thereby reducing cracking susceptibility in the fused zone.


APML/EL is suitable for welding low Carbon Austenitic type 316L, as well as type 316.

Melting practices

Argon Oxygen Decarburization

Corrosion resistance

APML/EL weld metal offers the same pitting and intergranular resistance corrosion of type 316L in Chloride containing environments, thanks to its Molybdenum content and very low Carbon content. This makes it unnecessary to use fillers with stabilizer elements such as Niobium and Titanium.

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