These alloys are generally used for the production of heating elements for industrial furnaces and domestic devices.

For specific applications such as precision components in magnetic shields, integrated circuits and glass-to-metal seals, they guarantee special physical properties and a low coefficient of expansion.

Valbruna Grade Commercial name UNS W.N. International Designation
EG4 Alloy 401 N04401 2.0842 -
SG4 Alloy 212 N02212 2.4110 NiMn2
SG5 Alloy 36 K93601 1.3912 Ni 36
VAL40 Alloy 40 - 1.4860 NiCr3020 / (X16NiCr30-20)
VAL60 Alloy 60/40 N06004 2.4867 NiCr6015
VAL80 Alloy 80/20 N06003 2.4869 NiCr80-20