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X134EL- Welding

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Valbruna Grade


Steel type


Description of material

X134EL is a soft martensitic stainless steel with an exact chemical balance designed to be used as filler wire, bare stainless steel welding electrodes and rods for the welding of similar soft martensitic and semi –martensitic grades. The composition of X134EL supplies a weld deposit with a ferrite free structure. In addition, it offers high strength, together with a very good toughness and a low risk of cracking.


X134EL is suitable for the welding of soft martensitic, low carbon martensitic and semi- ferritic forged or rolled bars, as well as castings products. It’s mainly used in water resistant deposits, hydro turbines and compressors.

Melting practices


Corrosion resistance

X134EL weld metal offers substantially the same general resistance corrosion of type EN 1.4313. A PWHT is recommended but it’s very important not to choose a high tempering temperature over the AC1 (i.e. 600-620°C) in order to avoid an unstable austenite formation, because after cooling this may form a fully hardened untempered martensite. Normally, a double tempering is suggested and results in a more stable structure. For more information about the metallurgical behavior of this grade, see X134M/1.


W.N. 1.4313
UNS S41500
EN X3CrNiMo13-4
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